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Bell Eye Dresser

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     Growing up in Tunisia I was surrounded by some very interesting superstitions, and of course we had to watch out for the evil eye. Any bit of good news or good fortune could bring the eye down on you so you had to be perfectly humble to keep it away. Many people take the eye seriously. When I disagreed with a person who thought I was bringing the eye on myself or not taking it seriously enough they would say it was because my mother was American. I wasn't sure if that protected me from it or not.

I had a friend in high school who got really mad at me for days because I pointed to a black cat while on our way to school. I didn't even know that black cats were bad luck there.

I know you are probably asking what does this have to do with shabby chic. Well, up until recently I hadn't considered if furniture could bring bad luck to your home, other than the stub your toe in the middle of the night kind.

After I posted a refinished dresser on craigslist. I got this email:

                If you purchased this at the restore in Columbia then I just wanted to let you know that this buffet came from a farmhouse in Tennessee. The family that owned it are the descendants of the family that were haunted by the Bell Witch. My mother rescued it shortly before the house burned to the ground. I can’t say that it is haunted but I can say that it did not bring any luck to them.

Wow, I thought, haunted furniture and a ghost story to go with it.

I wondered if I would need to update the craigslist post.

FOR SALE: Antique dresser painted with yellow milk paint, may harbor angry ghost.

I had to ask the woman why she gave the piece to goodwill. She responded:

             Well frankly there just comes a time when one needs to unload the past. It does not hold any good memories for me. In fact it speaks of the failure of generations and a god forsaken patch of dirt in TN. Kind of Southern Gothic really. Anyway, I do like the idea of upcycleing furniture which is how I ran into it on Craigslist. Hope someone can make great memories with it.

I guess we will find out, I sold the piece today. Should I have told the new owner?

I may have to amend my return policy to include hauntings.

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