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Scene Of The Crime

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Cassie's latest with her "Times It Pays To Be A Hoarder" list reminded me of a funny (now) experience from last summer.

I was returning from the park with the kids for lunch and when we got home a car was pulling out of my driveway. I didn't recognize the driver and even though I assumed they were just using the driveway for a turnaround I decided to follow them down the road a bit. As soon as they noticed me following they raced down the road so quickly I couldn't even get their license number.I gave up and turned around. I was really nervous about the house and sure enough when I got home the front door was broken but it appeared that they had not got into the house. I quickly called the police and sat outside because I was too scared to go in the house with the kids.

As I sat there waiting for the police I started thinking about how I left the house that morning. I hadn't cleaned the dishes from the night before because everyone was sick. Breakfast dishes were on top of that. I had a buffet and three dressers in the middle of the living room. One was on its back so I could paint it. One had its drawers open because I was cleaning them out and the other was just pushed to the side. My two year-old had dumped a box of drinking straws on the floor to play with and on the way out had knocked over the cat food, spilling it all over the mudroom. The reason we went to the park was I needed to get away from the mess and also tire the kids out so I could put them for a nap and clean up.

The police arrived and asked me to wait outside while they checked things out. By this time I was more embarrassed about the mess than worried about the break-in. They finished looking around and came back out shaking their heads with that 'so sorry' look on their faces. They told me to come inside and identify what was taken and show them what was out of order. I went inside with them and stepped over the mess to the living room. They said the thieves had really gone through the place. I had to tell them that no, everything was in order and nothing was missing! I meekly apologized for the mess and I told them that we were in the process of moving. Soooo embarrassing! They gave me their card and quickly left the 'scene'.

At least I didn't have to worry about how I looked that day!

What does this have to do with these two new French provincial dressers I just finished? Not much :) but at least I did the work out by the shed and not in my living room.

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The Gentleman's Chest

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A Dry Sink

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