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Blue Desk

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I love the size and shape of this desk. I have been looking for one that I could use in the office as soon as I empty it of all the dressers that have been piling up. I should only buy a piece when one goes out of the door but I am not that efficient yet. I will keep trying.

I decided it was about time I used more colors. I went with blue for this piece. I liked it, but thought it could use some extra flavor. I've been trying to convince myself to hand paint stencils and drawings on my dressers. I am even thinking about doing a nude on a piece one day. My problem is I don't give myself time to look back and think about my projects before moving on to the next one. I literally can't sleep knowing that I have an unpainted piece of furniture in the house. So I didn't even sketch the drawing on the desk before I began. I just went for it. I was so excited that I couldn't wait for the kids to go to sleep before I began so I took the drawers to the bathroom and painted them while giving the kids their nightly bath. Please don't turn me in my husband was nearby. I am not totally in love with it, but I know what direction to go in from now on. I think with a little practice I will get it. What do you think?

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