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New Mirrors

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Have I ever mentioned that I love Anthropologie!

They opened a store in our area not long ago, and I can't go enough. Their products and décor inspire me and put me in a great mood. By now the workers recognize me and my kids. My oldest knows now that it's not a toy store, and I am having a hard time convincing him to join me.

A few months ago I laid my eyes on this frame, and became obsessed. I made a few different trips to just look at the frame, dream, and take pictures.

Here is  a picture of the frame when I first  saw it....

Here is another one the second time I visited it...

Still another one from the third time I went.

Very pricey!

I love all the different antique pieces that came from different pieces of furniture. I thought what a cool idea! I knew I had  to try it. I had no spare antique pieces, so I started picking through  whatever I could find at home. Pieces of furniture don't stay long in our house. I was in love with this U shaped sofa last week, but I thought the finials would be good for my project.

I picked through our dining room chairs.

Here is the chalk board I made for the kitchen a while ago.

I found a few pieces at Community Forklift in DC.

My husband made some frames for me and I started to lay out the pieces.

I tried finding interesting pieces online, but couldn't find many. I am sure I didn't use the right words to search for  them, I am not the best at googling. A few years after I came to the US I  searched for deer images online, I cant remember exactly why, and didn't get  many search results. I thought ." Wow! there are not too many deer  pictures online!! " I told my future husband how odd it was that there  were no deer pictures on the internet. He looked at me with the 'your crazy' look and went to the computer.  He said try searching for 'deer', not 'dear'.

Anyway I love how my mirrors came out.

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