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The Gentleman's Chest


I had some milk paint left from my last project, and didn't want to waste it so I decided to do another green piece. I bought a really cool chest yesterday that the sellers called a 'gentlemen's chest'. I thought it would be more masculine if I stained the top and drawers a dark brown and paint the rest with the dark green. It came out really nice. I added some funky pulls to it to complete the look and give it a maritime feel. After it was done I carried it outside for the 'After' pictures. Because of our latest snow storm I kept to the porch and took the pictures.

So I usually don't do much with my hair at all, but today I decided to put some rollers in to see if I could get a different look. My son helped me, and thought it was fun. I let him do most of the job and he wrapped my head with different color scarfs that he found. I was also wearing my ripped up painter clothes and looked quite awful. I always tell my husband that if I ever have to call 911 I would be so embarrassed by the way I appeared. They would probably think I am a crazy woman.

Anyway, so after taking pictures of the chest I went inside to download them on the computer. I heard people talking and went outside to see who. It was two delivery guys with a package. I tried to hide my head full of colored scarfs with my hand. I was not sure I did a good job with that. Then I looked down at my orange vest, purple shirt, and pink pants. I ran back inside quickly and told them to just leave the package in the snow. They offered to bring it to me and I yelled noooooooooooooo. I tried to get my 5 year old to go out and talk to them but he wouldn't go. After a few minutes of indecision they left the package on my freshly stained chest...ahhhhhhhh

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